Celebrity pug owners

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Pugs may have lost some of their popularity with celebrities due to puggle-mania, but there are still quite a few stars who have opted for this breed. I’ve compiled a list with all kinds of famous pug owners. If you know more, feel free to leave a comment!

1. Jessica Alba – Named after the ill-fated punk couple, Jessica Alba’s pug darlings Sid & Nancy are an irresistible duo indeed.

Jessica, Sid and Nancy

Jessica, Sid and Nancy

2. Gerard Butler – You’d better not mess with Lolita, or else you’ll experience the wrath of Sparta!

Gerard Butler and co-driver Lolita

Gerard Butler and co-driver Lolita

3. Tori Spelling – Mimi La Rue used to be the World’s No.1. pug fashion trend-setter. She is sadly missed.

Tori and Mimi La Rue, the trendiest pug ever

Tori and Mimi La Rue, the trendiest pug ever

4. Valentino – Speaking of fashion, designer guru Valentino is crazy for pugs. He’s got five of them and they travel with him everywhere.

Valentino’s Pugs

5. Goran Visnjic – The Croatian star of ER also has a pug buddy named Bugsy. They even posed together for a PETA campaign.

Goran Visnjic and his pug Bugsy

Goran Visnjic and his pug Bugsy

6. Hugh Laurie – Another doctor from the screen and another pug. Does anyone know more more about this cute little fellow? (I mean the pug, of course).

Hugh Laurie with a pug

Hugh Laurie with a pug

UPDATE: Check out our 2012 list of celebrity pug owners!

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Sherri says:

Hi. I have been a pug lover for many years. Once you have ever had a pug, you will always have a pug as a part of your life. They are a very special breed of dog. my two are brother and sister; named Napoleon and Josephine.

Layla says:

Hi All, I have 2 handsome pugs. I love them more than anything. Watch some videos about them. Hopefully they can be trained to become actors on TV…Men In Black 5? hehehee



Charlotte Mims says:

If you don’t love pugs, you cannot possibly be human! I, myself, have four! They are so much better in herds!

pugsrlvly says:

i myself have a pug,and my favorite actress tammanah batia has a pug to!her name is rosie,she is adorable

Louise says:

Kelly osbourne, Nick Carter, rob zombie, Billy Joel, Eva longoria, Chris Kirkpatrick, Denise Richards, derbra messing, Paris Hilton all have pugs

Wireless Dog Fence says:

aw my dream dog is pug…i like the ugly face of pug lol…that dog breed is so cute no wonder celebrities love them…

Clare McFadden says:

I would like to get a pug – a female one I’d call her Rosie… I think that’s a cute name for a female pug

Clare McFadden says:

I’ve been a wrestling fan for most of my life and I know of a retired wrestler who has a pug… Bret “the Hitman” Hart, his pug is called Jo-Jo and he’s just adorable!

Mallory Sharp says:

Hello I love Pugs I got one When I was 3 I have had him for 11 years now his name is preston because his face is all pressed in lol xxxx Morgan Is Kwl neehg lol

Timothy says:

I have 3 pugs myself. I just found out that even Rob Zombie owns a pug. I have had dogs my whole life. All 3 of the pugs that we own are the same colors at the pug in 12 Rounds starring John Cena and Men In Black. Rob Zombie is married to my favorite actress Sheri Moon and I knew that don’t have kids and don’t want to but own a pug.

larry says:

am giving out my pugs they are 5 in number any body who need them should just contact me at burivaldes@yahoo.com or know someone who need them .

grace says:


Never knew that Gerard Butler had a pug. He is a pimp in 300. After that movie, I’ve been watching all of his movies.

He is driving in his car with his pug. how cute!

These celebs must be very happy people because of their pugs! Pugs make us smile.I especially love Valentino’s dogs. I would have that many if I could.

Oanh Schlesinger says:

They are so adorable! All these pugs look as if they are used to cameras. Definitely not camera shy. lol

Holly says:

Tom Welling owns a pug. He plays Clark Kent in the CW tv show Smallville.

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