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Pug discipline

Exemplary self-discipline demonstrated by a cute little pug.

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Westie triplets

Photo by Russian River. Must be hard to tell them apart.

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The million dollar dog

As we reported earlier, the winner of the Cutest Dog Competition was selected this week. And the winner is… Dr Papidies! The one-time rescue chihuahua and his owner will spend the 1-million-dollar prize on a good cause. They will give it away for charity to help thousands of dogs less lucky than Dr Papidies.

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The store clerk dog

This chocolate brown Labrador dog’s called Cody. He’s a store clerk at a gas station in Clearwater, Florida, as you can see. He may not be able to actually sell stuff to customers, but his joyful character has a positive impact on anyone entering the store, according to owner Karim Mansour. And since Cody’s an […]

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Dogs can expect a richer Santa

Never mind the economic crisis, there’s a 9 percentage point rise to 52% in the number of pets who’ll receive a Christmas present this year, according to a recent survey by AP and This means 6 dogs out of 10 and 40% of cats can expect a gift this Christmas. The results of the […]

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Uga VIII should be a robot bulldog, says PETA

The University of Georgia should consider using a robot dog instead of a live bulldog mascot according to PETA. In a reaction to the tragic and untimely death of the last bulldog mascot, Uga VII, the animal rights group sent a letter to the university’s athletic director, requesting that they “replace the mascot with an […]

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