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Pugs can spell

Photo by amberlabelledvm Well, at least this pug seems as if it could.

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“Play dead” beagle beats “I love you” pug

The Late Show with David Letterman recently started its Ultimate Stupid Trick Tournament both for pets and humans. The latest news about the competition is that the famous “play dead” beagle has beaten the late Odie, better known as “I love you” pug (see videos below). Now it’s “play dead” beagle vs. tree-trimmer dog, and […]

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Meet Lulu, the World’s Oldest Dog (in the pub)

Lulu, a 21-year old British Beagle cross may be the World’s oldest dog. The deaf and almost blind veteran pooch has been a regular pub goer all her life alongside owner Travis Buckley, a resident of Coventry, England. All the local barflies know Lulu well, she must be a local celebrity there. The previous record […]

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Bulldog gets a massage

English bulldogs always get what they want.

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Quick westie vs. slow westie

Photo by natalia_reddy. Catch me if you can!

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Maltese = Hitler according to PETA

The above poster by PETA, presenting a Maltese dog as Hitler, seems to suggest that people preferring purebred dogs are nazis. Although Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rejected a complaint from the Kennel Club that the ad was offensive, I really think PETA should stop stigmatizing anyone who disagrees with them as fascists. I have […]

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