How to Keep Your Dog Well Groomed

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It’s an important aspect of dog health, and even though grooming may seem to promote just aesthetic appeal, it plays an important role in the overall wellbeing of your canine. So in order to ensure your pet’s physical and emotional health, it’s necessary for you to pay attention to their grooming needs. And to this end, here’s what you can do:

  • It goes without saying that you must give your dog a bath regularly. Many pooches don’t like to be dunked in water and covered in suds. But if you let them be because you can’t be bothered to coax them into a bath, you’re guilty of neglect. An unclean dog is a breeding ground for parasites and a sitting duck for diseases. Bathe your dog after taking care of other grooming details – trim and brush their coats to remove tangles, trim their nails, clean their eyes and ears, and brush their teeth before giving them a bath. Don’t put a collar on a dog that’s not completely dry – this could lead to infections.
  • Rubba dub dub, two pugs in the tub...

  • Brush your dog’s coat of hair every day – you have to invest more time in brushing dogs that have thicker coats. Dogs with matted and unkempt hair can contract yeast infections. Buy a brush that is soft and gentle on your dog’s skin.
  • You must clip your dog’s nails when they’ve grown too long. Long toe nails could curl inwards and hinder your dog’s ability to walk. Use special nail clippers to ensure that you don’t hurt your dog.
  • Your dog’s teeth have to be brushed; yes, you read that right; dental hygiene is important to prevent periodontal disease which can cause plaque to build up and lead to kidney and liver disease. Some people use antimicrobial spray if their dog is averse to brushing. If there is excessive buildup of plaque, your dog may need a vet to clean their teeth.
  • First tooth cleaning

  • Clean your dog’s ears from time to time to prevent ear infections that happen as a result of accumulated wax and dirt.  Use cleaning implements that are at room temperature to prevent cold from permeating into your dog’s ear canal, and use rubbing alcohol to remove any excess moisture from your dog’s ear.
  • Your dog’s eyes have to be cleaned of eye boogers that could irritate your pooch – when you take care of your canine’s eyes, you know it’s healthy when the eyes are clear and don’t show signs of irritation or infection.
  • Don’t hesitate to spend money on necessary dog grooming products – they make taking care of your dog and keeping them well groomed easier and more convenient.

Remember, owning a pet is a great responsibility; so just as you enjoy the company, attention and love of your dog, you must reciprocate by taking care of him/her and providing them with the best in terms of grooming and attention. It takes time and effort, and if you cannot spare these two qualities, you’re better off without your canine pooch.

This guest post is contributed by Tina Marconi, she writes on the topic of vet tech online . She welcomes your comments at her email id: tinamarconi85[@]gmail[.]com.

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Declan Carr says:

Sorry first comment had wrong link!! Sorry about that as I don’t want to come across as spammy!! 😀

Declan Carr says:

Great article. I have an English Bulldog and unfortunately they have all sorts of problems including skin problems. I need to buy a special shampoo from my vet when washing him, I need to rinse him first them apply the shampoo, let that set for 10 min’s then rinse off. Bit of struggle to say the least but helps his skin quite a bit. puppy vaccination schedule

Ann Stewart says:

Great article, and yes, proper grooming is absolutely essential. One item not discussed here is how to determine what kind of treatment you should use when giving your dog that bath. Not all shampoos are equal, and it may actually change based on season and activity.

The easiest way to determine what kind of shampoo you should use is to find a professional dog groomer who will do a thorough analysis of your dog’s skin and coat, then determine which kind of shampoo best first your dog’s grooming needs.

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