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The Latest Celebrity Pet Crazes

If you want to treat your pet, you may wonder down to the pet store to pick up some pet treats or even a new lead and collar. However, on the celebrity circuit, the rich and famous reward their pets with extravagant treats, many of which are beyond belief. Designer Dog Clothing Every dog owner [...]

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Top 100 Pet blogs to follow

Interested in the top 100 pet blogs?

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Fiona Apple puts her 14 year old Pitbull ahead of her career

We watch them on television and picture their perfect lives, how nothing can get them, even if people try hard to catch those moments of embarrassment that make celebrities -human-. But even if we don’t see it, they are just as vulnerable as we are.

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Staircase stepper pug

Staircase stepper pug

Amazing pug!

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The Night Before Christmas – Doggy Style

Here’s a nice Christmas themed infographic from the cool people at The Night Before Christmas graphic produced by and Dogorama. Click here to view the original post.

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The food critic pug

The food critic pug

There’s no food like dogfood.

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